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My name is Mike McMillion and I am a direct descendant of Richard Henry
McMillion, born in Raleigh County, Virginia (now West Virginia) circa 1855 to Matilda
Jane McMillion. The earliest record I have of my family is from the 1860 Raleigh County
Census in which they were living in the household of Sarah McMillion, the widow of
Henry McMillion. Henry was the son of Abraham and Elizabeth.

1860 Census Raleigh Co VA  HH #275 Sand Branch
Sarah McMillion age 60...(Sarah "Sally" (Daniel) McMillion)
Sarah age 33
Matilda J  age 25
George age 11 (son of Matilda)
Henry 5 (actually Richard Henry and son of Matilda)
Jeremiah age 2 (another son of Matilda)

It is known that Matilda had a daughter by the name of Virginia, I believe that she was
living in the household of Nancy Stover during the 1860 Raleigh census. Why she was
living there is unknown. It is said that she died at Deepwater, Fayette County,
sometime in the late 1920's to very early 1930's. She never married.

1860 Raleigh County HH 437/407
Nancy Stover, age 65
Daniel Stover, age 22
Minerva Stover, age 30
Virginia McMillion, age 9

One other daughter Mary is born in 1862 (Raleigh County) and she also is later found
in Deepwater. She married Thomas Harless.

Richard, Jeremiah, and George moved to Deepwater, Fayette County to work in the
coal mines. This is where Richard and Jeremiah raised their families. George never
married and died at Deepwater in 1931.

How my Matilda and her children were related to Henry and Sarah is another mystery.
Matilda may have been a daughter, niece, cousin, or daughter in-law. Kin have said
she was the wife of
Henry's son, John Henry. Ulster Scots, (or Scotch Irish as they are
called in America) were known to be a very clannish people and family ties stretched
out for many generations.

This site is a look at Matilda's descendants as well as a bit of my McMillion history. I
also  included a special page devoted to my great grandfather Henry McMillion who
was one of the miners that died as a result of the work train explosion near Powellton,  
Fayette County, West Virginia.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big Thank You to my Aunt Garnet and  
cousins Shirley Verbrigghe,Tim McKinney, Melanie Kalinowski, and Clint Kirk for tons
of information and pictures. Rita O' Brien helped a great deal also providing transcripts
of census and death records. Janet Smart was also much help and inspiration, Thank
Grover C. McMillion
around 1940
Fayette County. West Virginia 1895
Last Update: Oct 15, 2009
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